Robotics and Applications    (RA 2004)

August 23 – 25, 2004
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Editor(s): M. Kamel
268 pages
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Track Manipulators FreeSubscription
447-017 Property Identification of the Singularity Loci of the Stewart Manipulator
Y. Cao and Z. Huang (PRC)
447-028 Occurrence of Chaos and Stabilizing Control in Following a Trajectory of a Pneumatic Manipulator with Dead Time
Y. Li and T. Asakura (Japan)
447-053 Cooperative Transportation between Human and Mobile Manipulator
G. Hirano, M. Yamamoto, and A. Mohri (Japan)
447-066 The Inverse Kinematics of the PPSP Helicoidal Robot Manipulator
I. Juárez Campos, B. Juárez Campos, O. García Lara, and M. Ramírez Méndez (Mexico)
447-069 Wheelchair-mounted Robotic Arms: Kinematic Analysis and Evaluation
E.J. McCaffrey, R.M. Alqasemi, and R.V. Dubey (USA)
447-089 The Inverse Kinematics of the SPRP Screw-based Manipulator
I. Juárez Campos, O. García Lara, and B. Juárez Campos (Mexico)
Keynote Perspective of Robotics Technology
T. Fukuda and Y. Hasegawa (Japan)
Track Multiple Robot Systems FreeSubscription
447-004 Multi-Robot Communication via Grid Services
A. Sekmen (USA)
447-034 Advanced Multi-Robot Control Strategies Applied to the Simulation and Control of Anthropomorphic Kinematics
E. Freund, J. Rossmann, and C. Schlette (Germany)
447-046 A Robust Centralized Linear Spatial Search Flock
S.T. Kazadi, E. Kondo, and A. Cheng (USA)
447-047 Removing Degeneracy from Swarm-mediated Cluster-based Construction
S.T. Kazadi and O.I. Koroleva (USA)
447-070 A Multi-Robot Mapping Approach using Different Motion Planning Methods
L. Muñoz-Gomez, M. Alencastre-Miranda, and R. Swain-Oropeza (Mexico)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
447-013 Development of a Mechanism for the Movement of a Piping Inspection Robot
T. Yukawa, S. Komatsubara, C. Ooyama, and H. Okano (Japan)
447-022 Microcontroller based Computer Control of Robot Arm for Sorting of Objects
A. Mahabuba, S. Balavishwakumar, S. Bharath, E. Arthi, and D. Brinda (India)
447-035 Simulating the Emergency Case: Fire in a Robotic Workcell
E. Freund, J. Rossmann, and A. Bücken (Germany)
447-055 Disaster View: Visualization System of Disaster Area by 3D-CG
T. Matsushita and M. Imai (Japan)
447-056 3D Railroad Ballast Reconstruction by Defocusing
R. Lorusso, M. Nitti, E. Stella, N. Ancona, and A. Distante (Italy)
447-083 Robotic Assistants for the Elderly: Designing and Conducting Field Studies
J.T. Matthews, S.J. Engberg, J. Glover, M. Pollack, and S. Thrun (USA)
447-088 Dynamic Integration of Manufacturing Systems' Operations using Intelligent Agents
A. Anosike and Z. Zhang (UK)
Track Robotic Machine Vision FreeSubscription
447-027 Reaching Control of the Humanoid Robot by Linear Visual Servoing
K. Yamaguchi, K. Namba, and N. Maru (Japan)
447-044 Improving Vision-based Maps by using Sonar and Infrared Data
M.A. Lanthier, D. Nussbaum, and A. Sheng (Canada)
447-057 Sparse Scene Sampling for Robot Vision
T.C. Folsom (USA)
447-059 Construction of Global Maps with Polygonal Objects from Laser Range Data
L.J. Latecki, R. Lakaemper, X. Sun (USA), and D. Wolter (Germany)
447-061 COSPI: Contextual Sensors for Human-Robot Interaction
K. Ishii and M. Imai (Japan)
447-072 Open Platform for Real-time Robotic Visual Servoing
M.A. Perez-Cisneros and P.A. Cook (UK)
447-084 Real-time Person Detection Method WITHOUT Background Model
J.-H. Do and Z. Bien (Korea)
Track Intelligent Autonomous Robots FreeSubscription
447-023 MIRO: A Distributed Embedded Architecture for Visually-Guided Neuroethological Autonomous Robots
A. Weitzenfeld (Mexico)
447-063 LaCoS: Context Management System for a Sensor-Robot Network
S. Satake, H. Kawashima, and M. Imai (Japan)
447-065 Interactive Refinement of Control Policies for Autonomous Robots
V. Papudesi and M. Huber (USA)
447-068 Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems using Wrapper Components
F. Guedea-Elizalde (Mexico), I. Song, F. Karray (Canada), R. Soto Rodríguez, and R. Morale
447-079 Steering and Velocity Commands for Parking Assistance
I.E. Paromtchik (Japan)
447-080 Monocular Vision-based Exploration with an Outdoor Non-Holonomic Mobile Robot
M. Alencastre-Miranda, L. Muñoz-Gomez, and R. Swain-Oropeza (Mexico)
447-081 Towards a Robot Path Planner for Dangerzones and Desirezones
Z.M. Ma, F. Kabanza, K. Belghith, and R. Nkambou (Canada)
447-800 Terrain Estimation using Internal Sensors
D. Sadhukhan, C. Moore, and E. Collins (USA)
Track Robot Control FreeSubscription
447-029 Control of Various Motions Including Stepping and Jumping Modes for a Bipedal Robot
M. Usui and T. Komatsu (Japan)
447-032 Robust Fuzzy Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems
C.-C. Chiang and M.-Y. Tsai (Taiwan)
447-033 Robot Control and Simulation Technology Applied to the Simulation of the International Space Station
E. Freund and J. Rossmann (Germany)
447-037 Simple Indoor Monitoring Airship with a Cross-allocated Ultrasonic Sensor
K. Hagihara, M. Miyagawa, N. Nishino, H. Shibata, and R. Yokogawa (Japan)
447-040 Smooth Motion Control for Biped Robots
X. Luo, C. Zhu, and A. Kawamura (Japan)
447-060 A Control Architecture for Multi-Master/Multi-Slave Teleoperation
S. Sirouspour (Canada)
447-071 Passivity Control of Teleoperation Systems with Time Delay
Y. Hou and G.R. Luecke (USA)
Track Parallel and Linked Robots FreeSubscription
447-014 Kinematic Calibration of a 2 DOF Parallel Mechanism based on Nonlinear Programming
Y. Cen, L. Chu, X.Yu, and Z. Pan (PRC)
447-020 The Simulation of a Novel Parallel Robot
X. Guo and Z. Wang (PRC)
447-030 Force Control of Link Systems using the Parallel Solution Scheme
D. Isobe and S. Sato (Japan)
447-038 Autonomous Parallel Robot Control: Combining High Tracking Accuracy and Short Cycle Times
I.T. Pietsch, O. Becker, M. Krefft, C. Bier, and J. Hesselbach (Germany)
447-045 Optimization of Robot Links
K.-K. Lee, M. Haehnle, and G. Hirzinger (Germany)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This Publication covers the following topics: Manipulators, Multiple Robot Systems, Applications, Robotic Machine Vision, Intelligent Autonomous Robots, Robot Control, Parallel and Linked Robots.

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