Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Applications    (SPPRA 2008)

February 13 – 15, 2008
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): R. Sablatnig and O. Scherzer
361 pages
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Track Pattern Recognition FreeSubscription
599-026 Probabilistic Normalization: An Approach to Normalizing Similarity Measures in Content based Image Retrieval
M. Arevalillo-Herráez, J. Domingo, and M. Zacarés (Spain)
599-042 Wiener Implementation of Kernel Machines
A. Tanaka, H. Imai, J. Toyama, M. Kudo, and M. Miyakoshi (Japan)
599-044 Pattern Recognition by Kernel Wiener Filter
H. Yoshino and Y.Yamashita (Japan)
599-141 Embedding View-Dependent Covariance Matrix in Object Manifold for Robust Recognition
Lina, T. Takahashi, I. Ide, H. Murase (Japan)
599-148 Application of Local Fisher Information Analysis to Salient Points Extraction
L. Capodiferro, E.D. Di Claudio, G. Jacovitti, and F. Mangiatordi (Italy)
599-150 Multi-View Forests based on Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory: A New Classifier Ensemble Method
M.F.A. Hady, F. Schwenker, and G. Palm (Germany)
Track Digital Watermarking and Segmentation FreeSubscription
599-023 Benchmarking Tools for Fairly Comparing Watermarking Algorithms
S.I. Fraser and A.R. Allen (UK)
599-038 A New Approach for Data Hiding in Gray-Level Images
A.T. Al-Taani and A.M. AL-Issa (Jordan)
599-053 Watermark Detection in X-Ray Images from Paper for Dating Artworks
H.M. Otal, M. van Staalduinen, P. Paclk, J.C.A. van der Lubbe (The Netherlands)
599-057 Determination of Maximally Stable Extremal Regions in Large Images
J. Wassenberg, D. Bulatov, W. Middelmann, and P. Sanders (Germany)
599-087 Simultaneous Audio Encryption and Watermarking using Discrete Fractional Random Transform
J. Singh and A.N. De (India)
599-134 Watermark Robustness in the Print-Cam Process
A. Pramila, A. Keskinarkaus, and T. Seppänen (Finland)
599-153 Improved Object Segmentation based on 2D/3D Images
S.E. Ghobadi, O.E. Loepprich, O. Lottner, K. Hartmann, W. Weihs, and O. Loffeld (Germany)
Track Face Recognition FreeSubscription
599-085 Face Tracking under Varying Poses based on Particle Filter using a Combination of Adaptive Template and Background Detection
T.T. Son, H. Goto, and S. Mita (Japan)
599-105 Discrete Sine Transform and Alternative Local Linear Regression for Face Recognition
M. Hassan, I. Osman, and M. Yahia (Sudan)
599-801 Active BSVM Learning for Relevance Feedback in Content-based Sketch Retrieval
S. Liang and Z. Sun (PRC)
599-802 Identifying Perceptual Structures in Trademark Images
V.J. Hodge, G. Hollier, J. Austin, and J. Eakins (UK)
599-803 Similarity Evaluation based on Image Primitives
S. Scholz (Germany)
599-804 Topolgical and Directional Logo Layout Indexing using Hermitian Spectra
R.H. van Leuken (The Netherlands), O. Symonova (Italy), and R.C. Veltkamp (The Netherlands)
Track Document Analysis and Medical Imaging FreeSubscription
599-011 Multiphase Level Set Method and its Application in Cell Segmentation
Y. Zhou (Germany), A. Kuijper (Austria), and L. He (USA)
599-017 A Region Growing-based Method for Pectoral Muscle Segmentation in Digital Mammograms
C. Lampasona and D. Roller (Germany)
599-030 Automatic Reading of Manuscript Forms
F. Martín and J.M. Pousada (Spain)
599-073 A Deformable Grid Approach for Bayesian Image Registration
M. Ceccarelli and M. Donatiello (Italy)
599-094 Robust Image based Document Comparison using Attributed Relational Graphs
K. Worm and B. Meffert (Germany)
599-166 Handwriting Segmentation of Arabic Text
R. Bentrcia and A. Elnagar (UAE)
599-168 Handwritten Arabic Character Recognition using Multiple Classifiers based on Letter Form
G.A. Abandah, K.S. Younis, and M.Z. Khedher (Jordan)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
599-012 Perceptual Constancy and the Dynamics of Extracting Perceptual Visual Invariants in Virtual Immersion
P. Renaud, S. Chartier, and D. Kaufman (Canada)
599-058 Wheat Ear Detection by Textural Analysis for Improving the Manual Countings
F. Cointault, L. Journaux, M.-F. Destain, and P. Gouton (France)
599-062 A New Algorithm for the Classification of Earthquake Damages in Structures
P. Alvanitopoulos, I. Andreadis, and A. Elenas (Greece)
599-068 Using Fractional Fourier Transform in Time-Frequency Analysis for Bird Songs
H. Yin, X. Xie, and J. Kuang (PRC)
599-089 Weld Defect Recognition and Classification based on ANN
R. Vilar, J. Zapata, and R. Ruiz (Spain)
599-130 A Novel Biometric DES Cryptosystem with IRIS Key Generation and Personal Authentication from Human Eye
W.-S. Chen and J.-C. Lio (Taiwan)
Track Speech Recognition FreeSubscription
599-014 A Fast Algorithm for Automatic Key Segment Extraction for Popular Songs
Y. Zhang, J. Zhou, and X. Wang (PRC)
599-131 A Comparative Study on Excitation Extension Algorithms for Artificial Bandwidth Extension
F. Schäfer, T.V. Pham, G. Kubin (Austria) and T.T. Chien (Vietnam)
599-133 Robust Speaker Verification System over MASV Platform using SpeechDat II
R. Saint-Nom, J.M. Luengo Alonso, and J. Gómez Mena (Spain)
599-145 Speech Enhancement based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
P.N. Le, E. Ambikairajah, and V. Sethu (Australia)
599-152 On the Relation between Statistical Properties of Spectrographic Masks and Recognition Accuracy
J.F. Gemmeke, B. Cranen, and L. ten Bosch (The Netherlands)
599-800 A Framework and Token Passing Model for Continuous Speech Recognition with Dynamic Bayesian Networks
W. Ran and R. Wang (PRC)
Track Neural Networks and Wavelets FreeSubscription
599-032 Semi-Blind Image Restoration using a Local Neural Approach
I. Gallo, E. Binaghi, and M. Raspanti (Italy)
599-050 Mathematical Analysis of JPEG 2000 Wavelet Filter Tiling Approaches and its Experimental Verification
S.M. Hanif and K. Abe (Japan)
599-097 Signal-Processing based Frequency Analysis at Hollow Cones Nozzles
M. Gaspar, F. Weichart, H. Müller, E. Musemic, P. Walzel, and M. Wagner (Germany)
599-125 A 2-DDWT Parallel Architecture Fully Exploiting DRAM Burst Accesses
N. Ishihara and K. Abe (Japan)
599-147 An Initialization Scheme of Fuzzy-Neuro LVQ for Discriminating Three-Mixtures Odor
B. Kusumoputro and Z. Rustam (Indonesia)
599-151 Application of Neural Unsupervised Methods to Environmental Factor Analysis of Multi-Spectral Images with Texture Features
F. Giacco, S. Scarpetta, M. Marinaro, and L. Pugliese (Italy)
Track Signal Processing FreeSubscription
599-043 Frequency Estimation of Damped Noisy Real Sinusoid based on Linear Prediction
T. Amin, F.K.W. Chan, and H.C. So (PRC)
599-045 TLSS - A Powerful Software Tool for Structural Synthesis of Transliniar Integrated Circuits
E. Doicaru, I. Nicolae, C. Dan, D.-O. Andrei (Romania)
599-064 Chirp Channel Estimation and OFDM Transmission using Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences
S. Senay, L.F. Chaparro (USA), and A. Akan (Turkey)
599-076 Fading Mitigation in an Interleved Noise-based DS-CDMA System for Secure Communications
S.M. Berber (New Zealand)
599-104 Transform-Domain Features for Ion-Channel Sensors
H. Kwon, P. Knee, A. Spanias, S. Goodnick, T. Thornton, and S.M. Phillips (USA)
599-115 A Digital MSK Demodulator for Low-Cost Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum Communications
T. Demeechai (Thailand)
Track Video Technology and Tracking FreeSubscription
599-077 Fast Intra Mode SKIP Detection Algorithm based on Adaptive Thresholding in H.264/AVC Video Coding
T.-J. Kim, B.-G. Kim, K.-H. Lee, and J.-W. Suh (Korea)
599-078 Multi-Scale Feature Density Approximation for Object Representation and Tracking
C.Y. Liu and N.H.C. Yung (PRC)
599-088 Metrics for the Objective Quality Assessment in High Definition Digital Video
J.P. López Velasco, D.J. Bermejo, M.D. Cuesta, and J.M. Menéndez García (Spain)
599-091 Accurate Measurement of 3D Positions and Orientations of Small LED-Cards by a Single Camera
Y. Seko, H. Hotta, Y. Saguchi, and T. Iyoda (Japan)
599-101 Multiresolution Statistical and Vector Quantization based Video Codec
P.B. Zadeh, T. Buggy, and A.S. Akbari (UK)
599-163 Video Shot Boundary Detection Algorithm using LZW Compression Technique
S.V. Basavaraja, S. Velusamy, and S. Varadharajan (India)
Track Image Processing FreeSubscription
599-016 Fast and Real-Time Moment Computation Methods of Gray Images using Image Block Representation
I.M. Spiliotis and Y.S. Boutalis (Greece)
599-031 Real-Time Object Detection and Background Maintenance for Uncontrolled Environments
L. St-Laurent, D. Prévost, and X. Maldague (Canada)
599-121 New Morphological Waterfall-based Implementation for Line-Features Segmentation
F.J.A.P. Soares (Portugal)
599-140 Accuracy of Sub-Pixel Estimation in Area-based Matching
R. Matsuoka, M. Sone, N. Sudo, and H. Yokotsuka (Japan)
599-155 Locally Adaptive Selection of Parameters in Regularization-based Denoising Algorithms
K. Someya and K. Kameyama (Japan)
599-167 Semiautomatic Color Checker Detection in Distorted Images
T. Tajbakhsh and R.R. Grigat (Germany)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics of interest include, but are not limited to: SIGNAL PROCESSING - Signal Analysis and Processing - * Digital Signal Processing * Multidimensional Signal Processing * Statistical Signal Processing * Nonlinear DSP * Time-Frequency Signal Analysis * Mobile Signal Processing; Detection and Estimation - * Motion Detection * Estimation of Signal Parameters * Segmentation and Representation * Computation * Prediction; Audio and Video - * Speech Processing * Audio and Electro Acoustics * Video Technology * HDTV * Multimedia; Filters - * Filter Designs and Structures * Adaptive Filtering * FIR and IIR Filters * Signal Reconstruction Using Filters; Algorithms and Techniques - * Discrete Cosine Transform * Hilbert Transform * Fourier Transform * Architecture and Implementation * Neural Networks for Signal Processing * Fuzzy Logic * Wavelets * Chaos; PATTERN RECOGNITION - Image Analysis - * Image Processing * Image Sequence Processing * Segmentation and Representation * Pattern Recognition * Image Synthesis * Image Database Indexing * Medical Image Analysis; Image Recognition, Coding, and Compression - * Fingerprinting * Image Coding * Compression * Restoration and Retrieval * Image Enhancement * Object Recognition and Motion * Color and Texture * Text Recognition * Handwriting, Shape, and Document Analysis * Rendering * Illumination Models * Volume Rendering * Rendering Algorithms and Systems; Watermarking Techniques - * Digital Watermarking * Data Security * Identification and Certification * Applications in Copyright Control; Computer Vision - * Stereo Vision * 3D and Range Data Analysis * Geometric and Morphologic Analysis * Computational Geometry * Neural Network Applications * Content-based Retrieval * Visualization; APPLICATIONS in: * Telecommunications * Medicine * Radar * Robotics * Manufacturing * Engineering * Seismic * Economics * Remote Sensing * Ocean Engineering * Others.

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