Wireless and Optical Communications    (WOC 2008)

May 26 – 28, 2008
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Editor(s): A. Vukovic
268 pages
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Track Wireless Network and Emerging Technologies FreeSubscription
Track Wireless Technologies FreeSubscription
621-073 An Enhanced Fast Handover Scheme over IEEE 802.16E BWA System
T. Kim, Y. Kim, J. Mo, Y. Han, and J. Choi (Korea)
621-089 GSM Onboard Aircrafts (GSMOBA): Satellite Link Tests
D.M. de Andrade (Germany)
621-093 Random Optical Codes for Optical Code-Division Multiple-Access using in Intra-Satellite Optical Wireless Network
J.A. Martin-Gonzalez, E. Poves, and F.J. Lopez-Hernandez (Spain)
621-101 Optimal Linear-Time Uplink Scheduling Algorithms for WiMAX
A. Mohammadi, S.G. Akl, and F. Behnamfar (Canada)
621-129 Enhanced PCS and RI-NST Mechanism for Effective Medium Access in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
N.A. Maung Maung, T. Noguchi, and M. Kawai (Japan)
621-152 Software DAB Transmitter on Live CD
P. Charest and F. Lefebvre (Canada)
621-156 Improving Indoor Capacity for WiMAX Networks using Multi-Hop Relays
K. AlSobhi, B. Sharif, K. Ntagkounakis, and R. Carrasco (UK)
Track Wireless Components and Networks FreeSubscription
621-058 Interference Aware Spectrum Allocation in IEEE 802.22 Wireless Mesh Networks
S. Sengupta, M. Chatterjee, and K. Kwiat (USA)
621-100 RCE Measurements in ROF of IEEE802.16-2004(WiMAX) with Structurally Optimized DFB Lasers
K. Chinen (Japan)
621-117 Uplink Capacity Coverage Product in CDMA Mobile Networks
M.A. Elalem and A.S. Akki (Libya)
621-138 Access Point Tuning in Chaotic Wireless Networks
A. Belsare, R. Skowyra, and R. Kinicki (USA)
621-149 A Network based Approach to Secure Communication in Mobile IP Networks
H. Omar, H. Chamas (USA), and K. Shuaib (UAE)
621-153 Large Scale Distribution of Popular Internet User Generated Content to Mobile Devices
F. Lefebvre and J.-M. Bouffard (Canada)
Track Wireless Applications and Sensor Networks FreeSubscription
621-017 A Traffic Aware Hybrid MAC for Clustering-based Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Li, D. Qian, Y. Liu, and G. Yu (PRC)
621-037 Agent-based Clustering for Sensor Webs Self-Organization
M. Mekni and B. Moulin (Canada)
621-095 A Middleware Approach for Industrial Wireless Automation Networks
A. Buda, V. Schuermann, and J.F. Wollert (Germany)
621-144 Reconfiguring Queues for QOS Improvement in 802.11 Networks
G. Singh, A.P.S. Atwal, R.S. Uppal, A. Goel, and B.S. Sohi (India)
621-155 An Efficient Handoff Call Handling and Queuing Scheme using Location Information
A.N. Khan, X. Sha, and X. Zhang (PRC)
621-157 Experiences in Designing a UWB-based Indoor Localisation System
M. Casas-González and R. Mehmood (UK)
Track Communications Systems and Applications FreeSubscription
Track Communications Theory and Techniques FreeSubscription
621-011 SFBC-MIMO-CDMA Up-Link Performance under Combined Code and Channel Impairments
T. Aldalgamouni and A. Elhakeem (Canada)
621-050 Decoding of a Block Code by using List or Listless Algorithms
C.-L. Ho (Taiwan)
621-086 Performance Analysis of a Realistic Discrete Adaptive MQAM
T. Kim and Y. Han (Korea)
621-088 Application of Wavelets for Accurate Information Recovery from Optical Signals Corrupted by Turbulence-Induced Noise
J.P.G. de Oliveira (Germany)
621-120 Adaptive Orthogonally Multiplexed Modulations with Constant Transmission Power under Flat Rayleigh Fading
W.-L. Lin and C.-D. Chung (Taiwan)
621-132 Iterative Coded Multiuser Detection using LDPC Codes
D. Xu and C. D'Amours (Canada)
Track Network Management, Services, Protocols and Applications FreeSubscription
621-065 MIMO based CDMA Code Acquisition in Rayleigh Fading Channels
D. Liao and A. Elhakeem (Canada)
621-079 A Novel Cooperative Communications Protocol using IBPDA for Wireless Relay Networks
H.Y. Kong, G.S. Kim, and V.N.Q. Bao (Korea)
621-092 Multicast Routing and Wavelength Assignment for Interactive Real-Time Media Delivery in Sparse-Splitting Optical Networks
J.-W. Park and J.W. Kim (Korea)
621-107 Tool Analysis and Model Provision for Service Creation in NGN
A.H. Darvishan, F. Sarabchi, M. Samie, and H. Yeganeh (Iran)
621-135 Dynamic Multi Constraint Multi Path QoS Routing Algorithm (DMCMPRA)
R. Leela and S. Selvakumar (India)
621-136 Bandwidth Sensitive Multi-Path Routing Algorithm
Y. Singh, M.K. Soni, and A. Swarup (India)
621-159 Golay Codes in Ranging Applications
A. Hussain, M.M. Rais, and M.B. Malik (Pakistan)
Track Optical Communication Systems and Networks FreeSubscription
Track Optical Technologies and Components FreeSubscription
621-025 Evolution of Self-Similar Parabolic Pulses in Optical Fiber Amplifiers
Z. Chen, H. Sun, S. Ma, and N.K. Dutta (USA)
621-069 Broadband Hybrid EDFA/RFA using a Single-Wavelength Pump Laser
S.-K. Liaw, K.-P. Ho, C.-K. Huang, Y.-L. Hsiao, and Y.-T. Lai (Taiwan)
621-072 Attenuation Due to Hydrometeors at 850 nm Measured on an 850 m Path
V. Kvicera, M. Grabner, and O. Fiser (Czech Republic)
621-096 On the Optimization of Three Phase-Shift Distributed Feedback Laser Structures using Matrix Techniques
C.A.F. Fernandes and J.A.P. Morgado (Portugal)
621-133 Spatially Multiplexed Beam Combining and Beam Separator Module for Optical Communication Bandwidth Enhancement
S.H. Murshid, A. Chakravarty, and R. Biswas (USA)
621-145 EDFA Transient Reduction using Power Shaping
T. Jackson, M. Lee, T. Hahn, W. Lin, R.S. Wolff, B. Mumey, and K. Repasky (USA)
621-150 Integrated Control Circuit for Thermally Actuated Optical Packet Switch
J.-C. Liou and F.-G. Tseng (Taiwan)
Track Optical Networks and Architecture FreeSubscription
621-001 Performance Optimization and Long System Reach for 8 x 160 Gbit/s OTDM Transmission with PMD
A. AlOrainy (Saudi Arabia)
621-054 Efficient Optical Wavelength Conversions in Wavelength Division Multiplexing Communications
J. Lee (Korea)
621-055 Determination of Fault Tolerance and Latency of all Optical Switch - The Augmented Data Vortex
N. Sharma, D. Chadha, and V. Chandra (India)
621-071 Heuristics for the Transportation Problem in Planning of ICT Access Networks
R.H. Nielsen, M.T. Riaz, J.M. Pedersen, and O.B. Madsen (Denmark)
621-074 Confidential Enhancement with Reconfigurable AWG-based Optical CDMA Codec over Fiber-to-the-Home Access Network
J.-F. Huang (Taiwan), P. Gallion (France), Y.-T. Chang, and L.-W. Chou (Taiwan)
621-099 Design and Performance Analysis of a Hybrid OCDMA/WDMA System with the Sub-Band Application
P.-H. Chang, S.-C. Liao, and J.-R. Chen (Taiwan)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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